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Description of functions.

Allocate = Provide resources necessary to accomplish task.

Analogize = Provide the name of an object with similar characteristics to the one given.

Assess = Determine needs.

Characterize = Provide the attributes of an object.

Classify = Provide the classification of an object. 

Diagnose = Infer abductively possible causes of observed conditions.

Employ =  Provide the purpose of an object. 

Exemplify = Provide examples of a class.

Expert = Having Special knowledge.

Focus = Maintain topic.

Forget = Remove stored information.

Generalize = Create category for an object.

Identify = Determine the name of an object.

Investigate = Infer deductively additional conditions of possible causes.

Inquire = Ask a question.

Listen = Accept voice input.

Locate = Recall the location of an object.

Prioritize = Arrange tasks in order of importance based in needs.

Read = Accept text input.

Recall = Retrieve stored information from storage.

Recall time = Retrieve the time of an event.

Relocate = Remember the location of an object.

Remember = Store information for later Recall.

Respond = Answer a question.

Segment =  Provide the components of an object. 

Set time = Remember the time of an event.

Simplify = Parse information into a simpler form.

Speak = Produce voice output.

Symbolize = Provide a symbol for an object. 

Test = Gather evidence inductively to support or deny possible causes.

Utilize =  Provide the use of an object. 

Write = Produce text output.