Administrator Guide

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The Admin page allows you to access the files used by Harry, create scripts, questionares, models, and stories.  Additionally you will be able to view the available MS Agents, and their animations. This will help you create animated characters for your stories.


Readers are tables that contain a list of commands. Scripts are used for regression testing. Questionnaires are used to fill in forms. Models are used as document templates. Stories are used for animated presentations. Select one, then use the List All command button to view all tables of that type. Each table name is prefixed with a type indicator: "script", "quest", "model", and "story". The lst appears in the text box. Doubleclick on the table of your choice, then click the List Selected Command Button. Make your changes, then Doubleclick the table name and click the Update Command Button. Follow this procedure to delete a table.

  • Scripts Radio Button
  • Questionnaires Radio Button
  • Models Radio Button
  • Stories Radio Button
  • List All Command Button
  • List Selected Command Button
  • Update Command Button
  • Delete List Command Button

Create word document Command Button

Click to create a word document from a table.

English rules

English rules is a table that contains rules for changing English patterns to/from other forms. This is the basis for Harry’s comprehension of English. Each rule category is used during a certain portion of the conversation.

  • All Radio Button
  • Converts to Radio Button
  • Translates to Radio Button
  • Transforms to Radio Button
  • Consolidates to Radio Button
  • Parses to Radio Button
  • Refutes Radio Button
  • Replaces Radio Button
  • Commands Radio Button
  • List Rules Command Button
  • Delete Record Command Button

Table options

The structure and content of all tables may be viewed here.

  • Knowledge table Radio Button
  • Dialog table Radio Button
  • Inference table Radio Button
  • Other
  • List All Command Button
  • List Selected Command Button
  • Copy Table Def Command Button
  • Delete Record Command Button
  • Delete Table Command Button
  • Current Table Text Box

Text files

Use these commands to convert table formatted to text formatted files.

  • Read file Command Button
  • Write file Command Button


Use these commands to change the host (Harry) to another character.

  • List Agents Command Button
  • Change Agent Command Button
  • List Animations Command Button
  • Current Agent Text Box
  • Play Animation Command Button

Main menu Command Button

Click to return to the main menu.